Wilderness Safety and Survival (WSS) Level 2

Intended audience:

General public, Preppers’, Outdoor enthusiasts, Snowmobilers, ATV riders, Hunters, Sport and
Commercial fisherman, Canoeists, Hikers, Mushroom and Berry pickers, Ice road travelers,
Back  country/Remote workers, etc.


Apply all the knowledge you learned in the Wilderness Safety and Survival Level 1! This fun filled day outdoors includes practical training and hands on experience using the best equipment on the market. Practice starting fries using various materials, learn to find water and how to make it safe to drink, and actually build a survival shelter that you could sleep in. These are just some of the amazing things you will do during the Wilderness Safety and Survival Level 2.

Course Includes:

•Strictly hands-on training.

•One full day filled with demonstrations and enough time to practice.

•A certificate upon completion


Main teaching points include (but not limited to):


Practical training:

  • First Aid - Awareness is the key!!!!
  • Fire - Multiple methods under varying conditions.
  • Shelter - Varying types, materials, placements and the pros & cons of each.
  • Signals - Being seen is being rescued!!!!! ( flares,mirrors,flags, and more )
  • Water - Purification tabs, pumps, filters , when and where.
  • Food - Passive techniques for harvesting common plants and animals.


1 Day - 8 hours of outdoor instruction and participation

Cost:  $150.00 per person (+GST)
Group rates available


  • ICSOS Wilderness Safety and Survival Level 1
  • Proper equipment and environmental clothing as per Kitlist
  • Open mind

**Minimum attendance 8 - Maximum16


Email ICSOS for more information.



What you can expect from us


Building snow shelter


"Each of our staff members possesses a minimum of 20 years serving Canada, in various positions as members of the Canadian Forces. These professionals have unique skills in the outdoors and a desire to pass on their knowledge to you".


Who needs this training and why ?


Snow Hut


"Our programs are designed for individuals who work, play,or commute thru and over the Canadian wilderness".