Firearms training

Predator Defence and Survival Firearms

Intended audience:

Search and Rescue teams, Coast Guard, Police, general public, outdoor enthusiasts,
Snowmobilers, ATV riders, Hunters, Sport and Commercial fisherman, Canoeists, Hikers,
Skiers, Berry and Mushroom pickers, Back country/Remote workers.

Whether working or playing in the wilderness, this course is a must.  Predators can be a real threat especially to the sick, injured, the young and for dogs that may accompany humans in the wild.  Most remote cabins, retreats/lodges and workers have non-lethal and lethal ways of protecting themselves from agressive animals. These non-lethal and lethal tools are stored on hand. There is a reason for this, it pays to be prepared. This course is mainly hands on and outdoors, so dress accordingly and bring extra clothes.

Main teaching points include (but not limited to):

  • Most popular gauge shotguns of the north
  • Most popular long gun calibers in the north
  • Cover three guns with one
  • .22 in a butt!
  • Safe handling
  • Examples of encounters with wildlife
  • Non-lethal and lethal responses
  • Live firing of bear bangers, bear spay, survival firearms, and more.

Duration:  8 hours

Cost: $200.00 (plus applicable taxes)
Group rates available.



  • Proper equipment and environmental clothing as per Kitlist
  • The Canadian firearms safety course isn’t mandatory but strongly recommended.

**Minimum attendance 8 – Maximum attendance 16


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What you can expect from us


Manitoba Wolves


"Each of our staff members possesses a minimum of 20 years serving Canada, in various positions as members of the Canadian Forces. These professionals have unique skills in the outdoors and a desire to pass on their knowledge to you".


Who needs this training and why ?




"Our programs are designed for individuals who work, play, and commute thru or over the Canadian wilderness".