Keith Mitchell

Keith Mitchell - Biography

Personal History:

  • Born  in Montreal, Quebec
  • Early years of youth spent in the out of doors hunting, fishing and exploring in the Laurentian Mountains
  • Since the age of 14 was an outdoor tripper for summer youth camp
  • Currently residing in Cambridge, Nova Scotia, on Tupper Lake
  • Married since 1986 with two grown children

Personal Hobbies:

  • Hunting
  • Back country hiking and camping
  • Kayaking, Canoeing
  • Playing guitar
  • Working with Sam my Labrador Retriever

Professional History:

  • Joined the Field Engineer Reserve regiment in Montreal at the age of 17
  • Transferred to the Regular Force as a Combat Engineer at age 22
  • Served in Petawawa, Ontario, as an Engineer Airborne Diver with the Special Service Force
  • Worked with the French Foreign Legion in French Guyana
  • Changed trades within the Canadian Military from a Combat Engineer to a Search and Rescue Technician (SARTech) in 1992
  • In 1992, served as a SAR Tech in Greenwood, Nova Scotia, for 8 years with 413 Squadron (transport and rescue)
  • Volunteer Fire Fighter for 9 years working up to the position of Deputy Chief
  • In 2000, served as a SAR Tech in Trenton, Ontario for 5 years with 424 Squadron (transport and rescue)
  • In 2002 organized and executed an alpine climb of Mount Robinson Summiting on third day
  • 2004 Was a Medic on Research team in Cape Dyer Baffin Island
  • in 2005, went back to Greenwood for 4 more years with 413 Squadron (transport and rescue)
  • 2008 lead an expedition to the Arctic exploring Elsmere Island
  • Retired from Regular Force in 2009, after 25yrs of service
  • Took a position with the Reserves as the Readiness Training Flight Sergeant Major in charge of the training and development for over 2000 Airmen and Women
  • In 2010 spent seven months in Afghanistan with the International Security Assistance Force
  • Led a Canadian Military team in Cognac, France, in an endurance competition focusing on day/night navigation and military skills

Professional Instruction Experience:

  • Standards and Training for Operational Search and Rescue Technicians
  • Presented at Queens University and Canadian¬† Geographic Society on Rescue and Wilderness Medicine
  • Operational SAR Tech for 16 Years mentoring other SAR Techs
  • High and Low angle Rescue Instructor
  • Parachuting Coach 2
  • Military Instructor
  • Survival Instructor ¬†
  • Aircraft Ditching and EBS Instructor
  • Fall Arrest Instructor

Professional Certifications:

  • Military Engineer
  • Search and Rescue Technician               
  • Fast Rescue craft Operator (Canadian Coast Guard)
  • Ground Search Manager
  • ACUC open water diver
  • Jungle Survival Instructor     
  • Standard first aid,CPR and AED Instructor
  • High and Low angle rescue Instructor
  • Arctic Survival Instructor
  • Land Survival Instructor

Professional Courses, Skills and Errata:

  • High and low  angle rope rescue
  • Search and Rescue diver
  • Advanced Mountain Rescue
  • Wilderness EMT (P) with Wilderness Medical Associates
  • Advanced Survival, Evasion,¬† Resistance and Escape
  • Helicopter underwater egress
  • Advanced leadership
  • Arctic survival
  • Aero medical training
  • Sea survival
  • Land survival
  • Combat diver
  • Winter warfare training
  • Parachutist (static line and freefall)
  • Jump Master (static line and freefall)
  • 5000 hours flying as Rescue technician on Fixed and Rotary wing aircraft       
  • Advanced Rigging for rescue
  • 17 years Wilderness Medical Experience


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