JP Cossette

JP Cossette - Biography

Personal History:

  • Born in southern Ontario
  • Childhood spent in the outdoors hunting, fishing, hiking and camping Southern and Northeastern Ontario (Timiskaming area)
  • Member of the Cub Scouts from the ages of 6 through 10
  • Currently residing in Winnipeg area, ManitobaFather of two teenage daughters
  • Father of two teenage daughters

Personal Hobbies:

  • Hunting (archery, black powder, rifle)
  • Back country camping
  • Hiking and mountain biking
  • Scuba diving

Professional History:

  • Became a member of the Canadian Military in 1984
  • Served in Victoria, BC as PPCLI from 1984 – 1992
  • Served in Petawawa 2 CDO 1992- 1993
  • Served in Nicosia Cyprus as a United Nations Peacekeeper for 7 months
  • Changed trades within the Canadian Military from Infantry to a Search and Rescue Technician (SARTech) in 1993
  • In 1993, served as a SARTech in Edmonton, AB for 2 years with 440 Squadron (transport and rescue)
  • In 1994, served as a SARTech in Winnipeg, Manitoba for 6 years with 435 Squadron (transport, air to air refueling, and rescue)
  • In 2000, served as a SAR Tech in Comox, BC for 5 years with 442 SAR Squadron
  • In 2005, served as a SAR Tech in Greenwood, NS for 3 years with 413 Squadron (Transport and Rescue)
  • In 2008, served as a SAR Tech in Winnipeg, MB for 5 years with 435 Squadron
  • Retired from military 2013, after 30yrs of service
  • Joined the Reserves in 2013
  • From 2013 to present, I am a CASARA Liaison with 435 Squadron training and evaluating Western Canada’s CASARA Units

Professional Instruction Experience:

  • Red Cross First Aid and Advance First Aid Courses
  • Red Cross Wilderness & Remote First Aid
  • Red Cross Advance Wilderness & Remote First aid
  • Basic survival courses with Casara, Cadets and Scout Groups
  • Military Driver Instructor
  • I/C Training at 442, 413 and 435 Squadrons
  • Range Safety Officer at 442 and 435 Squadron

Professional Certifications:

  • Military Search and Rescue Technician
  • Small Craft Vessel Operator
  • Ground Search Manager
  • Assistant Search Master Course
  • HPMA(Human Performance in Military Aviation)/li>
  • ACUC Dive Master
  • NAUI Advance and Rescue Diver
  • PADI Advance Diver
  • Red Cross First Aid Instructor
  • Red Cross Wilderness and Remote First Aid Instructor
  • CPR level C
  • A.E.D
  • Oxygen theory

Professional Skills, Certifications and Errata:

  • High and low angle rope rescuel
  • Search and Rescue diver
  • Parachutist (static line and freefall)
  • Jump Master (static line and freefall)
  • Helicopter underwater egress
  • Junior leaders course
  • Arctic survival
  • Aeromedical training
  • Sea survival
  • Land survival
  • Ships diver
  • Winter warfare crse
  • Fixed wing multi engine experience
  • Rotary wing experience
  • CASARA spotter trng
  • Rigging for rescue crse level 2
  • Mountain and avalanche training and experience
  • Radio Operators Licence
  • Power point level 1 & 2 crse
  • Instructional techniques crse



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