Hazardous Environment Awareness Training (H.E.A.T.) Level 2

Intended audience

Media, resource exploration, those working overseas. Embassy personnel, Aid organizations and Relief workers


All military SERE training schools around the globe teach a basic SERE (Survival Evasion, Resistance, Escape) before the more specialized training. The reason for this being you need to possess a solid foundation before you can fully utilize the advanced techniques. This will enable participants to gain the confidence to apply fundamentals successfully in any environment or situation.

The objective is to provide personal safety/ survival techniques to employees working in
hazardous/potentially hazardous environments. Each course addresses the need for planning, personal safety, team work and situational awareness. These techniques will enable participants to work in and around natural disaster areas, public disorder situations and manmade disasters.

Hazardous Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) is a structured program of training designed for
people  who are visiting, living or working in remote areas or areas with limited infrastructure.

HEAT introduces or expands on the skills and knowledge needed to reduce the chance of personnel and their co-workers from being involved in an incident and to mitigate the seriousness and effects of an incident if they are.  

HEAT has become a prerequisite for many international organizations, including the United Nations and USAID, prior to their staff being allowed to travel in certain areas.

Hazardous Environment Awareness Training or HEAT is a critical component of meeting the “duty of care” obligation for companies operating in potentially hazardous environments.

It is also increasingly being seen as a way of reducing insurance premiums for corporations seeking to do business in challenging and remote locations.

The entire course works on promoting leadership, situational awareness and innovative
thinking. All training is scenario based.

Our staff have the  knowledge and experience.

Let us build the foundation.

Main teaching points include (but not limited to):


Wilderness Safety and Survival level 2 (2 days)

The survival pattern remains the same whether wilderness, urban or rural. Man made or Natural

Basic Navigation (2 days)

One sure way to find yourself in a bad situation is to get lost in an area that is suffering from civil unrest or disaster.
Map, compass, and GPS

Same as HEAT level 1 plus:

  • BUG OUT kit
  • Barter kits
  • Fight or Flight?
  • Rendezvous points.
  • Rescue devices
  • Teams (stay together or split up?)
  • Captivity (survival pattern?)
  • Urban survival techniques.



5 Days

Cost:  $750.00 (plus applicable taxes)

Group rates available


  • Proper equipment and environmental clothing as per Kitlist
  • Open mind

**Minimum attendance 8 - Maximum16


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What you can expect from us


Dig to survive


"Each of our staff members possesses a minimum of 20 years serving Canada, in various positions as members of the Canadian Forces. These professionals have unique skills in the outdoors and a desire to pass on their knowledge to you".


Who needs this training and why ?


Snow Hut


"Our programs are designed for individuals who work, play, and commute thru or over the Canadian wilderness".